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The big Why?

It's a big question, but it's not as complicated as you would think. After looking at my own life experience so far, I was determined to become the woman I needed when I was a young girl. I design my creations to empower other women and show that ethical knitwear doesn't have to be bland.


Fast fashion is one of the biggest environmental problems right now. People are driven to get the next best thing as fast as possible regardless of the costs. Cheap clothing become ruined after just a few washes, which leads to customers buying again, another cheap product, and the cycle continues.

This inspired me to create bespoke pieces that people would want to keep forever. Knitwear that would last years, bring joy, confidence and won't damage the planet. Every piece is made by hand using natural wool and reclaimed yarns. There is no need to throw away non-natural yarns. The damage to nature has already been done when making them, sending them to the landfill just makes the damage worse.

I want to show that we need to recycle and reclaim old textiles to minimise the damage if we as the human race want to move forward.

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