About the brand

Chunky sustainable  luxury designer knitwear handmade in Northern Ireland

''Good knits for Bad girls''

Artist & designer Ieva Dickson offers ethically crafted designs, handmade chunky knitwear and accessories in a world that's plagued with fast consumerism. Made in Northern Ireland using only natural wool and recycled yarns, deadstock and sustainable fabrics Ieva highlights the need for sustainability and eco-conscious products.

Ieva Dickson's use of sustainable materials and focus on ethical production is an important and commendable aspect of her work. Her emphasis on empowering women and highlighting the importance of sustainable consumerism is also noteworthy. Furthermore, the inspiration drawn from strong women, female warriors, and blend of masculine and feminine energies in her designs, definitely brings a new perspective and gives her a clear style to convey and appeal to her target audience. It's also great to see the brand supporting other women and freelance crafters by giving them an opportunity to be part of the production process. It is inspiring and unique brand that offers something different and authentic to the consumer.

Ieva Dickson chunky luxury designer knitwear made in northern ireland

Our process 

Ieva Dickson creates clothing in a small home studio, taking care of every step of the process, from initial design to cutting, knitting, and packaging. They embrace the concept of "SLOW fashion" and use only 100% natural wool and fabrics that would otherwise go to waste. The brand is committed to being environmentally friendly, using only recycled materials for packaging and taking steps to offset their carbon emissions, such as planting trees. Additionally, they make sure that everyone involved in the supply chain is treated fairly.


tree-nation chunky designer knitwear handmade in northern ireland