Rent designer knitwear


Introduce your wardrobe to sustainable fashion with Ieva Dickson. Our brand specializes in chunky, handmade knitwear and accessories that are not only stylish but also better for the environment. Now, you can rent one of our unique pieces through our partners Loanhood and ByRotation. Imagine, wearing a different Ieva Dickson chunky cardigan or handcrafted accessory for every occasion, without the guilt of fast fashion. Plus, you can share your Ieva Dickson rentals with your friends on social media and tag us #ievadickson. Join the sustainable fashion revolution with Ieva Dickson.

We offset our carbon footprint as a small business by planting a tree through Tree-Nation with every rental. This helps to reforestation and protect endangered species.

Rent Ieva Dickson | By Rotation