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    Self Love

    What’s self love? Do you practice it? For this episode I decided to ask one of the experts Jacinda Crothers about that Self love means and why it is so important.

    Jacinda Crothers is a designer, creative entrepreneur and the heart and soul of Tajah Lane and Jacinda Crothers coaching.

    A total beach girl through and through, she and her brothers grew up in the beautiful Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. Jacinda’s parents travelled extensively in their younger days and the stories of their travels have inspired her to get out and see the world. Sixteen years and four different countries later, she landed in UK.

    Years later after settling down and taking roots in UK she and her husband decided to pack up everything and move back to New Zealand.

    Talk about inspirational woman! We all watched her families incredible journey across the world, mid pandemic on her social media pages! Even their big cat Fin got his own adventurous episode or two of his personal travels across the globe!